Pure Water Cleaning

As window cleaning professionals we know that having streak-free windows is of the utmost importance. We strive to provide Cheltenham and Gloucester with the highest quality window cleaning services that we know your property deserves. That’s why we use pure water window cleaning to ensure a smudge-free finish when we clean your windows.


Take a second to think about the build-up that occurs on the window behind your kitchen sink or on your shower door. This build-up is caused by splashes of tap water and the minerals that are present within it. Using pure water means that we can make sure that we stop this from happening on the outside of all your windows.

What is Pure Water Cleaning?

Pure water cleaning is exactly what it sounds like – cleaning your windows using pure water. But what exactly is pure water?

Simply put, pure water is standard tap water that has been purified. We know that water is made up of hydrogen and oxygen, however, these aren’t the only things in it. Tap water also contains minerals such as calcium and magnesium. This is perfectly safe and not a problem when you’re just drinking the water. The problem occurs when you try to use this water to clean. The calcium, magnesium and other mineral present in water are left behind when the water evaporates which is what causes streaks and smudges on your windows.

At Evans Window Cleaning, we “brew” our own pure water on-site. We use a pure water system that uses reverse osmosis to filter the water and remove the minerals, leaving us with perfectly purified water to clean your windows with. We decant this water into tanks that are stored in our vehicles and bring it with us to your appointment.

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Why Use Pure Water?


Water-Fed Pole System

One of the big benefits of using a pure water system is that it can be used with extendable water-fed poles, eliminating the need for ladders. This means that large extensions and conservatories can be reached over to access higher windows. It also provides a safer way to work for our staff and less risk of damage to your property. Water-fed poles are actually designed to be used with pure water making it the perfect cleaning combination.


Streak-Free Finish

Windows that are cleaned with pure water can be left to dry naturally. If you were to clean them with normal water, the minerals present would be left behind when the water evaporates. Using water that has been purified ensures that there will be nothing left behind to cause any smudges. Pure water also eliminates the need for soap and chemicals meaning that there is no soapy residue left behind when we’ve finished cleaning.


Keeps Dirt Away for Longer

By the time we have finished using pure water on your windows it is free from impurities such as dirt, minerals, and chemicals. You may not be aware of it but it is often these residues and detergents that attract grime to the glass. Therefore, by using pure water, your windows will stay cleaner for longer, and won’t attract as much unsightly dirt and grime to their surface.


Helping the Environment

Removing the need for chemicals is not only beneficial to your windows, but it also helps the environment significantly. The absence of chemical fluids and cleaning detergents actually makes it the most eco-friendly window cleaning option. Any water that drips or splashes won’t contain anything that may harm any nearby plants or damage the brickwork on your property. A lack of chemical fluids also makes it a safer environment for local wildlife.

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Our Window Services

We offer professional, high-quality window cleaning services in Cheltenham and Gloucester. We have a friendly and approachable team who will strive to provide you with only the best results and most excellent customer service. Your satisfaction is our top priority and if you’re not completely happy with your windows, we want to know. We understand that streaky windows are not acceptable which is why we use our pure water cleaning system. Sometimes streaks do happen and if they do, we want to make sure that it is fixed.